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Beyond the Classroom: Enriching Lives through Extracurricular Activities at Hera Public School

At Hera Public School, we firmly believe in the holistic development of our students, recognizing that true education extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. Our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals is reflected in the vibrant tapestry of extracurricular activities that we offer.

Extracurricular activities are integral to our educational philosophy, providing students with opportunities to explore their interests, showcase their talents, and develop essential life skills. Whether it's arts, sports, music, or community service, our diverse range of activities caters to the varied passions and aptitudes of our student body.

Participation in extracurricular activities not only enhances students' physical and mental well-being but also fosters teamwork, leadership, and time management skills. Through sports, students learn the value of discipline, perseverance, and healthy competition. Creative pursuits such as arts and music allow them to express themselves, nurturing a sense of individuality and imagination.

Our extracurricular programs go beyond conventional boundaries. We encourage students to engage in community service projects, instilling in them a sense of social responsibility and empathy for others. These activities serve as a bridge between classroom learning and real-world application, preparing students for the challenges and responsibilities they will encounter in the future.

The dedicated faculty and staff at Hera Public School play a crucial role in guiding and mentoring students in their extracurricular pursuits. From organizing events to providing training and support, our team is committed to creating an environment where every student can discover and nurture their unique talents.

In essence, our extracurricular activities are not just additional components of education; they are an integral part of the Hera Public School experience. We believe that these activities contribute significantly to the holistic development of our students, shaping them into confident, well-rounded individuals poised for success in all facets of life.

SkillSphere Clubs: Explore, Express and Excel!

At Hera Public School, we believe in providing a holistic education that goes beyond the classroom. Our extracurricular clubs offer students the opportunity to explore their interests, develop new skills, and connect with peers who share similar passions. Check out our diverse range of clubs below:

  1. Science Club: Dive into the world of science with hands-on projects, quizzes, and presentations. Explore topics ranging from biology to physics and everything in between.
  2. Debate and Speech Club: Hone your public speaking and critical thinking skills through debates, speeches, and dialogues. Engage in lively discussions on current events and important issues.
  3. Arts and Crafts Club: Unleash your creativity with painting, model-making, calligraphy and poster making. Express yourself through various art forms and learn new techniques from fellow club members.
  4. Deeniyaat Club: Explore Islamic teachings through activities such as Quranic recitation (Qirat), Quranic interpretation (Tafseer/Tarjuma), Hadith study, and Seerah exploration. Gain insight into Islamic and Muslim history to deepen your understanding of our faith and its enduring impact.
  5. Pen, Paper, and Performing Arts Club: Explore the power of words and dramatic expression through essay writing, creative writing, poetry, skit, drama, and book reading. Let your imagination soar as you craft stories, perform skits, and bring characters to life on stage.
  6. Harmonics Club: Indulge in the exquisite charm of language and music with Hamd, Naat, Nazm, and Mushaira, alongside the captivating art forms of adabi baitbazi and daastaangoi. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Urdu poetry and traditional Islamic songs, celebrating their beauty and resonance.
  7. TechWhiz Club: Dive into the world of technology with coding, robotics, app development, and spelling bees. Develop valuable STEM skills while having fun with hands-on projects.
  8. Model Simulation Club: Embark on a journey through the intricate realms of governance and diplomacy as you engage in dynamic debates, craft resolutions, deliver parliamentary speeches, and navigate simulated board meetings, parliament sessions, and court proceedings. Experience firsthand the complexities of decision-making and the art of negotiation in these immersive simulations.

Rules and Regulations for Club Activities

  1. Cultural Activities Day: Every Thursday in the second half, regular classes will be suspended, and cultural activities will be performed by all students under the club system.
  2. Membership Requirement: Every student must join at least one club to actively participate in extracurricular activities.
  3. Rotational Participation: All students must participate in club activities on a rotation basis to ensure broad engagement across the school community.
  4. Attendance Policy: Regular attendance is essential for active participation and progress within the club. Students are expected to attend meetings and activities punctually.
  5. Club Leadership: Each club will have a Club Leader selected from among the students and appointed by the club in-charge.
  6. Feedback Mechanism: The club in-charge will produce a short report on the activities performed by the students, providing feedback and insights for improvement.
  7. Additional Club Opportunities: Exceptional performance may allow a student to join more than one club, provided they consistently excel in their respective club activities.
  8. Facility Usage: The examination hall and Mahmood Azam Auditorium will be available to each club on a rotational basis, allowing equitable access to resources.
  9. Gender Segregation: Separate clubs for boys and girls will be established within the same stream to ensure inclusivity and comfort.
  10. Seating Arrangements: Student seating arrangements will be organized according to class standards to facilitate effective participation and collaboration.
  11. Student-Led Content: Students will prepare the content for their club activities themselves, with guidance and assistance from club advisors as needed.

SkillSphere Clubs: Explore, Express and Excel!
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