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Hera Public School is the best school in Azamgarh.

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Best School in Azamgarh

Vision: To Revive the Concept of Excellent Community
Quran(3:110) (خير أمت)

To build a community at the very grass root (village) level, where educational excellence, Material welfare and moral up-rightness of the individual is firmly rooted in and reflected in the unity, social cohesion and harmony of the community.


  • To address the educational backwardness of the community.
  • To work for the economic, social and political empowerment of the community.
  • To inculcate among the members the honour and importance of hard work, serving others and community work.
  • To inculcate among members the respect and preservation of the physical environment and improve the physical infrastructure of the community by collective effort.
  • To help the weaker and under-privileged sections of society, especially in the field of education and skill training.
Best School in Azamgarh

Epistemological Basis of Holistic Approach

  • Humans are inherently spiritual, social, and rational beings.
  • Man-made systems must acknowledge these dimensions for alignment with human nature (Fitrah).
  • Holistic education begins with establishing a spiritual connection, fostering God consciousness.
  • It emphasizes grounding students in desirable social and ethical behavior.
  • The approach includes rational exploration of the natural/material world.
Best School in Azamgarh

Success Parameter & Methodology

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