School Timings: 9.00 AM - 2.00 PM

Warmth for All – Azam Welfare's 'Kambal Vitran Samaroh' Event

Organised by Azam Welfare and Educational Trust in collaboration with Bhartiya Divyang Sewa Samiti.
Date: 15th January, 2024

On January 15, 2024, Azam Welfare and Educational Trust, in collaboration with Bhartiya Divyang Sewa Samiti, organized a heartwarming event called 'Kambal Vitran Samaroh' (Blanket Distribution) at Phoolpur Roadways. The event aimed to provide blankets to handicapped and economically disadvantaged individuals in need. Under the supervision of Rafeeque Phoolpuri, President of Bhartiya Divyang Sewa Samiti, and Mr. Saad Azam, the Founder of Azam Welfare and Educational Trust, the event successfully brought warmth to those who needed it most. This initiative benefitted nearly 450 people, providing them with essential comfort during the harsh winter months.

HPS Taleemi Karawaan to Chandpatti, Azamgarh

On October 27, 2023, an educational expedition led by Chairman Tarique Azam embarked on a journey to Chandpatti in Bilariyaganj, Azamgarh, with the purpose of introducing the villagers to Hera Public School and its IIT JEE and NEET programs. The event brought together a dedicated team of individuals, including Chairman Tarique Azam, Principal Abul Faiz, Manager Saad Azam Sahab, and a team of six teachers, who played a crucial role in the success of the event.

Dr. Mohd Osama and Sikander Islahi acted as hosts, offering guidance and assistance in organizing the event. Mohammad Sadique provided insights into the unique attributes of the IIT JEE and NEET program, and Najaf Zaidi outlined the facilities at the school's hostel, with an emphasis on the integration of Islamic teachings alongside academic mentorship.

Approximately 30 attendees, including school owners, teachers, and students, gathered to learn about Hera Public School. The event concluded with an interactive session led by Chairman Tarique Azam, leaving the audience inspired and appreciative. This educational expedition made a positive impact on Chandpatti, shedding light on the vision of Hera Public School.

HPS Taleemi Karwaan to Mau, Uttar Pradesh

The Hera Educational Caravan made its way to Mau on the 24th of December, 2023, converging at the Harmain Anglo Arabic School for a day of insightful sessions.

Abul Faiz Sir commenced the event with a captivating introduction to the school, narrating its history. The spotlight then shifted to Brainy Stars, showcasing an activity-based education tailored for tiny tots. The teaching of Hadees,

Kalma, Surah, Dua, and Qaydah were seamlessly integrated into a fully English-speaking environment. A promising announcement revealed plans for primary school to embrace activity-based learning in the upcoming year.

Advocate Sagheer Ahmad skillfully conducted and hosted the program, setting the stage for Mohammad Sadique Sir's enlightening IITs Program. Attendees were treated to success stories illustrating how IITians achieve success in various fields of life. A brief yet impactful introduction of Tarique Azam Sir followed, shedding light on the IIT/NEET program and how students are meticulously prepared for competitions.

Tarique Azam Sir shared the vision and mission of Hera Public School, promising to organize diverse programs in the near future. He delved into the teachings of the Quran regarding education, emphasizing its obligatory nature for every Muslim through different verses.

Approximately 30 participants, including school owners, those managing coaching institutes, and education enthusiasts from the region, joined the program along with some students. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, leading to invitations for organizing larger programs to spread awareness about Hera Public School and its dynamic programs.

The educational caravan was led by Manager Saad Azam, with Principal Abul Faiz, Chairman Er Tarique Azam, Er Mohammad Kamal, Counselor Najaf Zaidi, and Rehan Abbas accompanying, ensuring the success of this enlightening journey.

Taleemi Kaarwan to Mohamadabad, Mau

On the 14th of January 2024, a noteworthy event unfolded at Modern Public School in Mohammadabad Gohna, Mau. The occasion, known as "Taleemi Kaarwan," was graced by prominent figures such as Master Mohd Nadeem and Dr. Mohd Ashraf as hosts. Distinguished guests, including Dr. Affan Ahmad, Maulana Ainul Haq Qasmi, and Master Amaan sb, gathered alongside 60 other academicians, educators, students, and parents.

Principal Abul Faiz Sir took the stage, offering a detailed insight into Hera Public School's vision and mission. He emphasized the unique facilities provided to students, highlighting the Academic Intensive Care Unit (AICU) catering to hostel students facing academic challenges. The institution's distinctive feature lies in its mission of "Deen bhi, Duniya bhi," seamlessly blending Islamic values with modern and scientific education.

Mohd Sadiq, the Director of the NEET/JEE program, passionately explained the foundation course starting from class IX, aimed at preparing students for competitive exams. The approach focused on instilling a holistic perspective, combining Islamic teachings with counseling support to equip students for life's challenges.

Dr. Osama Falahi orchestrated the program, ensuring its smooth flow. Master Mohammad Nadeem expressed gratitude to the audience for braving the bone-chilling weather to attend. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the community in terms of education and basic facilities, portraying institutions like Hera Public School as beacons of hope. Education, he emphasized, stands as the key to uplifting the community.

The program concluded with a vibrant interactive session, leaving an atmosphere of enthusiasm among the attendees. Anzar Ahmad played a pivotal role in the success of the program by providing comprehensive support and facilitating logistics with remarkable efficiency. His organizational skills were evident as he meticulously planned and supervised the entire program. Anzar's dedication to ensuring a seamless experience for all participants was further highlighted by the warm hospitality extended throughout the event.

The driving force behind the success of "Taleemi Kaarwan" was undoubtedly the dedicated team from Hera Public School. Comprising Manager Saad Azam, Principal Abul Faiz, Vice Principal Shah Alam, Director of NEET/JEE Program Mohammad Sadique, along with Rehan Abba sand Mohammad Kamal these individuals played pivotal roles in ensuring the event's seamless execution.