School Timings: 9.00 AM - 2.00 PM

Awareness Program on Filaria (Hathipaon) organised by Azam Welfare and Educational Trust

Date: 6th February, 2024 – Hera Public School
By Dr Indra Narayan Tiwari, CMO, Azamgarh

On February 6th, 2024, an awareness program on Filaria (Hathipaon) was conducted at Hera Public School in Azamgarh. The program was attended by over 200 students from classes 7 to 9, along with faculty members and staff.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Azamgarh, Dr. Indra Narayan Tiwari, along with Deputy CMO Dr. Arvind Chaudhary, Dr. Shashikant, Dr. Vaibhav, and Dr. Mohammad Azeem, graced the event. CMO Dr. Indra Narayan Tiwari delivered a comprehensive speech, enlightening the audience about the health issues prevalent in the district, with a particular focus on Filaria. He elucidated on the causes, consequences, and precautionary measures to combat the disease. Dr. Tiwari also announced the initiation of a campaign for a Filaria-free Azamgarh, which would include medication camps at the village level, schools, and various organizations.

Dr. Tiwari motivated the management of Hera Public School to organize awareness programs in neighboring areas to educate people about the disease, precautions, and government initiatives aimed at eradicating it. Emphasizing the importance of serving others, he lauded the Chairman of Hera Public School for his dedication to education and community service, encouraging the attendees to follow his example.

The program was skillfully conducted by Najaf Zaidi, the school counselor. Manager Saad Azam extended a warm welcome to the guest speaker and presented him with memento. Principal Abul Faiz expressed gratitude on behalf of the school, while teachers and staff members actively participated in the event. Additionally, the presence of key figures such as Mohd Sadiq, Director of the Integrated Academic Support Program, Vice Principal Shah Alam, and others, added to the significance of the occasion.

The awareness program on Filaria at Hera Public School served as an enlightening session for students and faculty alike. It not only highlighted the health challenges faced by the district but also emphasized the importance of community service and education in creating a healthier society.