School Timings: 9.00 AM - 2.00 PM


Academic Session

In accordance with the Council for the Indian School Certification Examinations, New Delhi the school observes the academic session from April to March.

First Term: April to September.

Second Term: October to March.

Summer Vacation: 20th May – 30th June

Winter Vacation: 1st January – 10th January

School Timings

Summer Timings: 8:00 a.m. to 1:50 p.m.

Winter Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

School Accounts Office (Public Dealing): 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Visiting Hours

During school hours, parents and guardians are not permitted to enter classrooms for teacher consultations. However, they can arrange meetings with the Principal or teachers during scheduled Parent-Teacher Meetings or designated visiting hours as outlined below:

Principal’s Visiting Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (Depending on availability)

Teachers’ Visiting Hours: 2:10 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Registration and Admission

  1. Admission is available to all children who have reached the minimum age of three years, regardless of caste, creed, or social status.
  2. Students transferring from other schools are required to provide the following documents:
    1. Original Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate, duly countersigned by the appropriate authority of the respective board (except for CISCE affiliated schools).
    2. Photocopy of the Progress Report Card/DMC attested by the previous School Principal.
    3. Photocopy of the Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate and Registration Card attested by the previous school's Principal.
  3. The admission of a child to the school implies the full acceptance by the Parents/Guardians of the school rules, which may be amended from time to time.
  4. For admission details, please refer to the Admission Policy.

Examination and Promotion

  1. Marks obtained from internal assessments, unit tests, and terminal examinations are aggregated for promotion purposes. It is imperative that a student achieves at least 33% marks in each subject to progress to the next grade.
  2. A minimum of 33% marks in each subject is mandatory. A student failing in one subject will be promoted to the next class.
  3. A student failing in two subjects other than Mathematics and English, shall be eligible for the promotion to the subsequent class.
  4. If a student failing in two subjects and one of them is either Mathematics or English shall not be eligible for the promotion to the next class.
  5. Students who are unwell should not attend school. In case of illness, the final result for such students will be determined based on their term work and overall performance throughout the academic session.
  6. During examinations, if a candidate is caught using mobile phones, smart devices, or engaging in any form of cheating, they will face detention.


  1. If parents intend to withdraw their child, they must submit an application for the Transfer Certificate.
  2. The Transfer Certificate will be provided within fifteen working days from the date of request, provided all outstanding dues have been settled.
  3. Duplicate Transfer Certificates, Report Cards, Certificates, etc., will be issued upon payment in accordance with the school's regulations.
  4. For information regarding refunds, please consult the "Fee Refund Rules."

Attendance / Leave

  1. It is mandatory for students to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% of the total working days in an academic year. Failure to meet this requirement will render the pupil ineligible to sit for School/Board examinations. This attendance criterion applies to all classes, and parents are urged to adhere to this regulation.
  2. If a student is absent for six consecutive working days without information, their name will be removed from the school rolls. Re-admission may be granted solely at the discretion of the Principal, and re-admission charges will be applicable as per school policy.
  3. Once a student has joined their class for the day, they are not permitted to leave the school premises during school hours except in cases of emergency. Parents must personally collect their child with the permission of the Principal.
  4. Leave of absence will typically not be approved for the first and last days of the school term.
  5. Attendance on the first day following a vacation period is compulsory. Failure to attend on this day will result in a fine of ₹ 100/- per day. Non-availability of transportation will not be considered a valid excuse for absence on the reopening day.
  6. All leave requests must be directed to the Principal and submitted to the class teacher before the requested leave date.
  7. Pupils are not permitted to be absent from class without prior permission from the class teacher. If prior permission cannot be obtained due to health reasons or unforeseen circumstances, a leave application must be submitted to the class teacher no later than the following day. The Vice Principal can grant leave for up to three days, while leave exceeding three days requires approval from the Principal.
  8. Applications for leave on medical grounds for more than three days must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Payment Schedule (School Fee)

We maintain our fee payment accounts with HDFC BANK LTD, situated in Phulpur, Azamgarh.

Parents are required to submit monthly school fees by the 15th of each month.

Failure to submit monthly school fees by the 15th of each month will result in a fine of ₹ 10 per day until payment is received.


  1. Fee/Tuition Fee is payable for twelve (12) months. Students joining Class XI in July/August must pay Fee/Tuition Fee for twelve (12) months, starting from April for the session.
  2. Payments by cheque, without incurring a late fee, must be made by the 7th of each month. In case of cheque payments, the student's Name, Admission No., Class, and Telephone No. should be written on the back of the cheque. If the cheque is dishonored, a bank charge fine of ₹ 250/- (in addition to the late fee fine) will be applicable.
  3. If the due date for fee payment falls on a bank holiday, the fee will be accepted on the next working day without incurring a late fee fine. The bank is operational on all working days, irrespective of school holidays.
  4. If the fee (including tuition fee and transport charges) is not received by the 15th of the month, a fine of ₹ 10/- per day will be imposed until the payment is received. In case of lingering nonpayment, a notice will be sent by the end of the month. Before the start of the third month following the respective month, the student will be removed from the rolls. They will not be permitted to:
    • Attend classes
    • The student can be readmitted upon payment of readmission charges and fines as per school regulations, at the Principal's discretion.
    • Results will be withheld.
  5. Taxes imposed by the government, if any, will be charged in addition separately.

Online Fee Payment:

We are pleased to inform that for the convenience and safety of parents, school fee may be paid online.

  • Payment Mode: Net banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, and UPI

If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected] with the student’s admission number or contact the accounts office (Mobile No. 9616969687).

Payment Information

Payment Modes:

  • Net banking
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Parents may also make NEFT/E Fee Transfer as per details given below and inform the School authorities through Email: [email protected] with student’s details.

Parameter Details
BRANCH NAME Mahboob Manzil, Phulpur Dehat, L B Marg, Phulpur, Azamgarh
CITY Azamgarh
STATE Uttar Pradesh
ACCOUNT NAME Hera Public School
SCHOOL Fee Account Number 50200050148733

Fee Refund Rules

  1. After admission and before the commencement of the classes if parents wish to cancel the admission, all deposited amount will be refunded except admission charges and form fee.
  2. After admission and commencement of the classes (session), if parents wish to withdraw the child, fee will be refunded as follows:
    1. Admission/Annual charges are non-refundable.
    2. If application is received during mid-session, on or before 7th of the month, fee for the month will be charged.
    3. If application is received during mid-session, after 7th of the month, fee for the next month will also be charged.
  3. Those who wish to withdraw in the month of May (before the summer vacation), shall pay the fee for the month of June as well.
  4. In case of advance payment, any surplus amount remaining after the above conditions will be refunded.

Injury Policy

The School shall not be liable for any damages/charges on account of injuries, fatal or otherwise, which may be sustained by the student at any time during his/her stay in the school, while taking part in studies, sports, tracks, tours, excursions and extracurricular activities, within or outside the school premises. All expenses for treatment in such cases will be borne by the Parents/Guardians.

School Transport Facility

  1. Timeliness: Students must be punctual and ready at the designated pick-up points at the scheduled time. The transport will not wait for latecomers.
  2. Behavioral Expectations: Maintain appropriate behavior while on the school bus. Disruptive behavior may lead to suspension of transport privileges.
  3. Safety Measures: Follow all safety guidelines, including fastening seat belts if provided. No part of the body should be outside the bus at any time.
  4. Communication: Parents and guardians are encouraged to communicate directly with the transport coordinator for any concerns or changes in transportation arrangements.
  5. Notification of Absence: Parents should inform the school in advance if their child will not be using the transport service on a particular day.
  6. Lost Items: The school is not responsible for any items lost or left on the school bus. Students should check for personal belongings before leaving the bus.
  7. Emergency Procedures: Students should be familiar with emergency evacuation procedures and follow instructions from the bus driver in case of any emergency.
  8. Fee Payment: Timely payment of transportation fees is required. Failure to do so may result in suspension of transport services.
  9. Route Changes: Any request for changes in the bus route must be submitted in writing to the transport coordinator in advance.
  10. Property/Vehicle Damage: Any damage caused to school property or the transport vehicle by a student will result in disciplinary action, and the student or their guardian will be held responsible for the repair or replacement costs.
  11. Specified Pick-Up Point: The school transport service will only operate up to the specified pick-up points designated by the school. Requests for additional or alternate pick-up points cannot be accommodated.
  12. Special Events/Occasions: On certain special events or occasions, the school transport facility may be unavailable. Parents/guardians are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements for their children on such occasions. Advanced notice will be provided for any such instances.
  13. Emergency Situations: In the event of emergencies such as route diversions, driver illness, absence of driver, or any fault in the bus, the transport facility may be delayed or disrupted. Parents/guardians are required to make alternative transportation arrangements for their children in such cases. The school will endeavor to inform parents/guardians of any such situation as soon as possible.
  14. Injury Caused by School Vehicle: In the event of a student sustaining an injury caused by the school vehicle, the school may, at its discretion, offer to bear a portion of the treatment costs. However, the final determination of the extent of the school's financial responsibility will be made with consideration for the courteous behavior and cooperation demonstrated by both the school and the parents/guardians. It is essential for all parties to approach such situations with respect and understanding, prioritizing the well-being of the student.
  15. Transport is provided to the students, on request, subject to feasibility. No special facility will be provided for any student.
  16. Transport Fee will be charged monthly.
  17. Nonpayment and late payment will be fined as per rule for tuition fee.
  18. To discontinue the facility during Mid-Session, a written application must be submitted to the school giving a month’s notice.
  19. Fee for eleven months in a year is charged from students availing the facility of school transport.
  20. For single side bus facility, the charges shall be 75% of the bus charges.
  21. Bus facility cannot be discontinued after January.



  • T-Shirt for boys (half sleeves) – White with purple strips (with insignia)
  • T-shirt for boys (Half Sleeves) – Purple with Green Strips (with Insignia)
  • Trouser for boys and girls – White/Purple (as per school specifications)
  • Frock for girls (full sleeves) – White with purple strips (with insignia)
  • Frock for girls (full sleeves) – Purple with Green Strips (with Insignia)
  • Scarf (for girls) – White/Purple

Classes 1st to 12th

Boys Girls
Shirt - White (full sleeves) Kurta – Maroon (full sleeves)
Trousers/Pants – Maroon Shalwar – White
T-shirt/lower as per house colour and specified by school. Dupatta/scarf - White
Shoes – Plain with laces – Black Shoes – Plain with Velcro – Black
Socks - White Socks - White
Belt – Prescribed by school

Note:- Minimum width of trousers bottom for classes VI to XII – 16 inches.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY: House Dress prescribed by the school.

Winter Uniform:(in addition with summer uniform)


Pre-primary students are not required to wear a prescribed uniform. However, guardians are kindly requested to adhere to the specifications or dress code provided by the school.

Winter Uniform

Boys Girls
Sweater - Maroon (Half/full sleeves) Sweater - Maroon (full sleeves)
Blazer – Maroon (with insignia) Blazer – Maroon (with insignia)
Woollen Cap/Muffler – Maroon (Optional) Woollen Cap/Muffler – Maroon (Optional)


Wearing low waist trousers with narrow bottoms is strictly not allowed.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The school rules apply to students from the moment they depart from home for school.
  2. Lack of awareness of school rules will not be considered a valid excuse for violating them.
  3. It is essential to always express gratitude by saying ‘Thank you', 'Please', and 'Sorry', as these are expressions of utmost grace.
  4. All students are required to carry their Almanac and identity card at all times.
  5. Students are expected to stand up, fasten their blazers, and refrain from keeping their hands in their pockets when teachers or visitors approach them, and to greet them with "علیکم السالم" or other appropriate greetings.
  6. Any violation of conduct constitutes an offense.
  7. Bringing mobile phones, electronic gadgets, valuable articles, jewellery, perfumes, smartwatches, or wristbands to school is strictly prohibited. If a student is found with any of these items on school premises, they will be confiscated. The confiscated item will be returned to the parent at the end of the academic session, accompanied by a fine of ₹ 2500/-.
  8. Students are solely responsible for the safekeeping of their books and personal belongings.
  9. Students in classes VIII to XII are permitted to wear wristwatches.
  10. Magazines, novels, comics, etc., should not be brought to school.
  11. Waste paper and other refuse should be disposed of in the designated color-coded bins. The use of polythene bags is strongly discouraged.
  12. Students should not remain in the classroom during assembly.
  13. No student is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without written permission from the Principal. Such permission will be granted only upon parental request.
  14. Only one student per class is permitted to use conveniences at a time, with a pass issued by the teacher.
  15. Students are prohibited from purchasing food items from street vendors.
  16. Visitors and friends are not permitted to meet students during school hours.
  17. Parents are kindly requested not to visit their children's classrooms.
  18. Teachers and Prefects are tasked with upholding discipline within the school premises and ensuring adherence to the established rules and regulations.
  19. Students may be sent home for: coming late to school, not wearing proper uniform, parents not having signed the diary, or if suffering from contagious diseases.
  20. Students should be courteous to all the non-teaching staff members.
  21. Peanuts, chewing gum, and junk food (noodles, burger, chips, cold drinks, etc.) in lunch boxes are prohibited.
  22. Lending and borrowing money or other articles is not allowed.
  23. Any damage to school property even by accident must be reported to the class teacher or warden.
  24. Parents/Guardians are liable to pay for or replace any damage to school property without any dispute.
  25. Bunking of classes is strictly forbidden.
  26. No attendance will be given for the suspension period.
  27. Parents are responsible for the welfare of the child after school hours.
  28. It is understood that the school authorities will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.
  29. School rules are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. Students should at all times maintain a high standard of manners. In particular:
    • They should show consideration for the needs of others.
    • They should take pride in their personal appearance.
    • All ladies, teachers, and visitors should be greeted.
    • They must stand up (and remove hands from pockets) at the approach of ladies and gentlemen of their acquaintance.
  2. Students should not write or scribble on walls and desks.
  3. Running and shouting in classrooms and verandas is prohibited.
  4. Habitual idleness, irregular attendance, disobedience, or misconduct is sufficient reason for the dismissal of a student.

Late Arrivals

In summers, the school gate will be closed at 8:15 am and in winters at 9:15 am. Fine will be levied as under:

  1. Students of all classes ₹ 50/- for not wearing proper uniform or coming late to school.


  1. Parents are requested to see that their children are neat and tidy for school each morning.
  2. Blazers and sweaters are to be worn during winter.
  3. The middle button of the blazer should be fastened except when seated.
  4. A pullover should not be worn under the shirt.
  5. Students of class IV and above should wear house T-shirts along with sports dress for all sports activities.
  6. Plain black shoes are to be worn. Broad or designed shoes are not allowed.
  7. Boys should keep their hair short. Use of hair gel is prohibited.
  8. Boys should tuck in their shirts and keep their cuffs buttoned.
  9. Every Saturday there will be an inspection of tidiness, hair, nails etc.


  1. Ensure classrooms are kept tidy and organized.
  2. Students are reminded not to write or scribble on the walls or desks.
  3. It's important to keep windows fastened, whether they're open or closed.
  4. Remember to switch off lights and fans when classrooms are not in use.
  5. If a teacher is absent, the class monitor should promptly inform the School Office.
  6. Running and shouting are not permitted within classrooms or in verandas.
  7. Monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline in the classroom if the teacher is absent. They can seek assistance from teachers, House Prefects, or School Prefects if needed.
  8. Students are not permitted to operate the Smart board without the presence of a teacher.
  9. The use of bins for disposing of refuse is mandatory.

Class Monitors

  1. To maintain discipline in class.
  2. To ensure that fans, lights, and smart boards are switched off.
  3. To report to the class teacher about those who create indiscipline.
  4. To see that students move in a line when they are leaving the class for assembly, activity, games, etc.
  5. To send a student out of the classroom only with a pass.
  6. To see that the classroom is neat and clean.
  7. To seek help from the teacher on duty in case of any difficulty.

Computer Lab/Robotics Lab

  1. Entry in the Computer lab/Robotics lab is restricted.
  2. The class having the computer/robotics period will not enter the computer lab/robotics lab without the permission of the computer/robotics instructor.
  3. Silence must be observed in the computer lab.
  4. Monitor screen must not be tampered with.
  5. Keyboards must be handled properly.
  6. Eatables, sharp objects, pens, boxes, etc. are strictly prohibited in the computer lab/robotics lab.


  1. Silence has to be observed in the library at all times.
  2. Every student will be allowed to borrow One Book at a time, which should be returned within One Week from the date of issue. During examination books will not be issued unless special permission from the class teacher is granted.
  3. Reference books / Periodicals will not be issued.
  4. The books can be issued/returned only during the library periods.
  5. Back date journals/magazines will be issued to students & staff members. Readers can make use of the current journals/magazines in the library only.
  6. School bags/personal books are not allowed in the Library.
  7. Library malpractice (stealing, tearing of pages) should be notified to the librarian immediately.
  8. If a book cannot be put back from where it was taken, it should be left on the table.
  9. Any difficulty experienced by students in the use of the library services may be brought to the notice of the librarian.
  10. Students & Staff must produce a NO DUE certificate from the librarian before they leave school.
  11. A fine of ₹ 5/- per day shall be charged if books are not returned within the specified time.
  12. In case of loss or damage to the library book, the student will pay the fine determined by the school authorities.


  1. Silence is to be maintained at all times during the practical classes.
  2. Lab coats should be worn during the practical.
  3. Chemicals should be placed at allotted places.
  4. Chemicals/apparatus should be handled with care.
  5. All chemical tests/experiments should be done in the presence of the lab assistant or the teacher concerned.
  6. The table should be cleaned before leaving the lab.
  7. Stools should be kept in order/place before leaving the lab.
  8. Gas burners and taps should be switched off before locking the lab.
  9. Glassware and apparatus should be cleaned and kept at their respective places.
  10. No student should enter the lab in the absence of the teacher/lab attendant.
  11. No chemicals should be taken away.


  1. Entry to the auditorium is restricted.
  2. The class visiting the auditorium will not enter the same without permission of the teacher.
  3. Silence must be observed in the auditorium.
  4. Eatables, sharp objects, boxes etc. are strictly prohibited.

Quadrangle / Lawn

  1. Plants and trees should be cared for.
  2. Flowers should not be plucked from the school / public / private gardens.


  1. Students are forbidden to enter the canteen. They should stand in a proper line outside the canteen and make their purchases.
  2. Students are also forbidden to go to the canteen at any time other than recess.
  3. Students will not behave aggressively with the canteen proprietor or any of his employees.
  4. Students will not litter the area around the canteen or the grounds.

Lost & Found

  1. All items lost / found in the school premises must be reported / deposited with school office.

School Bell

  1. If the school bell be heard at an unusual time or heard for longer than the usual period, the school will assemble in the ground for roll call / assembly.


  1. Only members of the Staff and Prefects have the power to punish students.
  2. Class Monitor is not allowed to punish the students but should only report the offense to the class teacher / prefects.
  3. The prefect on duty will supervise punishment drill during the break.


1. A student is liable for expulsion from School/Hostel if he/she is found:
  1. Abusing or misbehaving with a teacher or any School staff member.
  2. Consuming or in possession of cigarettes, liquor or any form of drugs.
  3. Indulging in any act of violence / damaging school property.
  4. Indulging in ragging.
  5. Stealing articles of school/hostel mates.
  6. Scaling school boundary wall.
2. The following steps would be taken before a student’s permanent expulsion from school:
  1. The student would be counselled at school.
  2. The teacher will write in the student’s diary to inform his/her Parents.
  3. A yellow card (warning letter) will be issued and parents will be called to meet the Principal.
  4. A blue card (suspension letter for two weeks) will be issued.
  5. A red card (permanent expulsion/rustication letter from school) will be issued.
3. A disciplinary committee will be established to oversee the degree of punishment or expulsion, as deemed necessary. If a student is found breaking any rule or misbehaving with teaching or non-teaching staff, they will be presented before the committee for evaluation.

Reassurance from the student’s parents or the guardians will not be entertained.